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Discover the Vineyards on Long Island

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Long Island is well known for its famous wines and pristine vineyards in spread out across the North Fork. There are a large array of vineyard tours and wine tours available on Long Island. You can sample and purchase wine from some of the best wineries in the east.

Long Island Vineyard Tours

There are over 3,000 acres of vineyards producing wine from over thirty world class wineries. Most of the wineries are located at the east end on the North and South Forks of Long Island.

A vineyard tour offers unforgettable scenery, the ability to purchase wines directly from the producers and a chance to see all the magic that goes into making an award winning wine.

There are winery tours that last anywhere from 2 hours long to all day depending on what your schedule allows. Some vineyard tours also offer musical entertainment for your enjoyment as well. There are packages available for just about any occasion. Whether you are having a birthday, anniversary, need a romantic get away or just want spend a day enjoying a beautiful setting and the pleasure of tasting fine wines, there is a perfect Vineyard tour for you on Long Island.

Long Island Vineyard Tours

You can get educated about the entire wine making process and see how wine is made. You can ask wine makers any questions you have about making wine and taste the difference between wine right from the barrel and well aged win.

Tours are available for individual vineyards or multiples vineyards if you want to see and sample the varied flavors that different vineyards have to offer. Many tours will offer luxury roundtrip transportation with a tour guide. You can also get all day vineyard tours on Long Island that include gourmet lunches.

If you prefer you can find a bicycle winery tour so you can enjoy the great outdoors and get some exercise while you travel between vineyards. Or find one of many of the limo companies that offer winery tours.

Most tours also offer the benefit of a discount on wine that you purchase at the end of the tour, so you can take home wine to enjoy at your own leisure.

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